DDP002 Roger Baudet: Musique Électronique Pour La Scène Et L'image 1976 - 1992, available for streaming everywhere and gatefold double vinyl with tote bag available for preorder on

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Extremely excited to announce the second and first vinyl release on Dee Dee’s Picks. It has been a long yet very enjoyable process to track down Roger Baudet, interview him, learning more about his legacy and designing a record that offered a glimpse of what he has achieved throughout the decades. I am eternally grateful that he was willing to join me on this journey and be part of the DDP family.
Roger was a key figure and contributor behind different genres that he developed in Switzerland throughout the 20th century.  A man who brought his synthesisers on stage to soundtrack ballet & theatre pieces, or experimental dance shows through rhythmic noise and drones with the aid of reel to reel tape machines or even so writing music for exploration documentaries. Music that is precursor to many genres present in today’s world, Roger Baudet covered many grounds in the pursuit of combining performance and visual art through electronic music. From Berlin school/cosmic rock to new age, from proto-techno to weird synth jazz, Roger has dipped his toes in various sonic waters, which appear in this compilation of never before released works, ranging from the periods of 1976 to 1992.
Available for streaming on major platforms. Physical and download to own available 30th of September.  Preordering the Gatefold Double LP with Obi (limited to 150 editions) from the DDP Bandcamp gives you access to the exclusivity deal of getting a free DDP tote bag to hold this record and future DDP releases in (link in bio). Additionally, you get a digital package bonus (also included with the digital preorder), containing the master tracks, liner notes, rare in studio or live performance photos and Swiss press reviews with Roger Baudet. In record stores near you around the same time period.
Interview and liner notes by Patou J. Foetisch
Graphic design by Andrew Tseng
Vinyl mastering by MarcoAntonio Spaventi at Maspaventi Studio
Digital bonus mastering by The Midnight Tantrum
Vinyl pressing by Deepgrooves
Totebag and Logo design by Andrew Tseng and Mateo Broillet
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